Sinawali FMA Stickbag LARGE - Seigahaseries

Sinawali FMA Stickbag LARGE - Seigahaseries


Sinawalibags - Seigaihaseries (35" x 6" x 6")

Made from batik with the famous pattern of the Japanese Blue Waves - 100% cotton.


The large size sinawali stick bag for Filipino martial gear is 35 inches x 6 inches x 6 inches. This stickbag fits more then 20 standard size rattan sticks. We recommend to limit the amount of rattan sticks to 20-25 pieces, as the rest of the volume of the bag reserves space for other gear or personal tools. Inside is a large inside pocket for other training equipment or other personal belongings, to prevent them from sliding down the bag while carrying.


Colorful bags for (Filipino) Martial Arts equipment.

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Made in The Philippines


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