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Launch of Sinawali stickbags: a little history & background

Three years after the idea first was born and two years after the creation of our very first set of Sinawalibags, we now have officially launched our Online Martial Arts Supply Store for (Filipino) Martial Arts stick bags and kali sticks.



from 'sawali', the woven bamboo walls of nipa huts;

Sinawali teaches rhythm, timing and weaving-like motions in Filipino Martial Arts


Our logo came to be out of an inspiration of weaving motions of (Filipino) Martial Arts double weapon motions and movements as well as the weaving of threads in hand looming.

These are the women behind the Sinawali stickbags #itnegseries from a community located in the mountains of Northern Philippines. They were the first community we had the privilege and pleasure to work with. <Picture by Dexter Macaraeg>

The term Isneg refers to the 'People who have gone to the interior', deriving from the words "is" (recede) and "uneg" (interior). They are also known as Apayao which refers to their province and the river that runs through it and into Cagayan. The Apayao river is the only river of the Cordilleras, thus the Isneg are the only natural boat builders ans sailors among the indigenous people of the north.

Their houses are the largest and best constructed of the Cordillera peoples although they have no traditional knowledge of cloth weaving and pottery making. Textiles and pottery are acquired through trade with lowland merchants. The favoured color of dress among the isneg is blue. Both men and women wear predominantly dark to greyish blue attire - long-sleeved, embroidered blouses and short or long skirt for women and long sleeved upper garments and G-strings for men. - Source, Ayala Museum

Sinawali #itnegseries stickbags & sarong

How to order Sinawali Sticks, Stickbags and other Martial Arts apparel?

As you browse through our online store and find the products you like, you can add them to your shopping cart. The moment you feel like you have all Sinawali products you need, any stickbags, sarong or arnis sticks, you can proceed to Checkout. Your payment will only be requested after receiving our email. This way we can estimate and calculate the best and most economic shipping options for your order.



Colourful stick bags for Martial Arts gear

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