• Sinawali

Martial Arts Training Gear Made from Bamboo for FMA and Silat Practitioners

In a pursuit to lower our toxic impact caused by the overuse of plastics in our daily lives, Sinawali is soon launching its new product line of Martial Arts training gear made from native Philippine bamboo. This bamboo is endemic to the Philippines and grows in abundance all over its archipelago. It is therefore a sustainable resource that is not only able to reproduce itself fast but moreover has the qualities of purifying ground water and nurturing its environment.

Commonly known, a bamboo will bend over breaking. It therefore has the potential to be shaped into different forms with their different uses, not only for construction on the larger scale but also into smaller items, like our Sinawali Training Equipment series.

For this project we are collaborating with an existing Philippine social enterprise that has already been extensively promoting and re-inventing the use of bamboo in different contexts of people's lives. All these bamboo products are created in a small community in the northern part of the Philippines, where the endemic bamboo plants are found in abundance. As such this collaboration helps to continue creating jobs and generate income for households in places where unemployment is a major challenge.

This picture shows some of our training gear prototypes. More martial arts training weapons, such as traditional Filipino blades, will be released as we enter the next decade in 2020.

Thanks for reading, stay posted!

- Sinawali Team